Data Protection Policy

Any personal data that you may be asked to provide on LLA web sites will be held and
processed in accordance with the requirements of the UK 1998 Data Protection Act and
the updated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our processes and systems for
collecting and storing personal information are constantly under review and updated as
the laws are brought in.

Zahra Ali is the LLA Data Protection Officer and you can talk to her anytime about the
information we have about you. When you register to our school, you agree that we can
take basic information for our registration process and safety information.

Why does LLA need my data?

LLA takes data for student enrolment, advertising and market research. The platforms you
use to find us online (the website hosted by Weebly, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other
online platforms) may collect your data for their own marketing and research. We will ask
for information like your name, age, passport details and address in Leeds. We will only
need information like your bank details if we need to refund you a direct payment.

We keep all data private and safe and it can only be seen by LLA admin and management
on password-protected systems. We will not share your information with other
companies, unless it is important to your booking at LLA. For example, if you want to book
our homestay, we will need to tell them your name, nationality and contact details, so they
can contact you and you will get basic information about them too. This will also be
important if your course or your booking is only part at LLA, for example, an internship. We
will only give necessary information for organising that. We do not share passport details
unless it is with UKVI and we never share bank details. If you have a sponsor or another
person paying for you, they can only see your data if we get permission from you.

We might need to share your information with our inspectors and other agencies that are
checking how we work and that we follow the law. These companies will only look at your
information to see how we use it and will not use it for any other reason.

We will only keep your data on our files as long as we need to for the smooth running of
our business. If you ask us to delete your files, we will. If you want to look at any of the data
we have for you, then you can ask us and we can show you. We cannot show you data for
another person.

To register as a student, you must give us an Emergency Contact. This information will
only be used in an emergency. We cannot accept you as a student without any emergency
contact on file. Please make sure that this person knows they are your emergency contact.
If you have more questions about how we use your data, please speak to Zahra.

Staff and agency data

Staff and agencies working at and with LLA will need to give
as much information as we need to check that you are suitable to work at LLA and pay you
for your services. By agreeing to work at LLA, you allow us to keep your data on file during
our partnership. This includes before your official employment during the process of

If you stop working for LLA, we agree to destroy all records if you ask us. In the case of
temporarily not working at LLA, we will ask you to agree to letting us keep your records in
case we have any opportunities later down the line.


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