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Darren Smith
Managing Director

“I completed my CELTA whilst I was living in Turkey. Since then, I have worked in several different schools and recently completed my MA TESOL at King’s College, London. I’m currently also studying for a Master’s in Law.”

Daniela Prataviera
Director of Studies

“I’ve been teaching since 2012 all over the world, and I came to Leeds to complete my DELTA and MA in 2015. I enjoy how friendly LLA is; everyone talks together and it feels like a family. We focus on each student, so they progress at their own speed.”

Zahra Ali
Administration and Welfare

“I have always been a teacher, working as an EFL teacher in the UK and as a maths teacher in Saudi Arabia. At LLA, I am responsible for the admin and welfare of students and I want to help you enjoy your time in Leeds and at LLA. Talk to me if you have any problems, I am here to help you.”

Hakan Aydin
Financial Director

“I have been in business all my life, and I have been at LLA since 2015. I also own a nursery in my hometown, Hull. LLA is special because everyone who comes here becomes part of our family, to learn and improve together.”

Ahmed Elturabi
Welfare Officer

“It’s my job make sure that everyone is happy and safe here at LLA. Leeds is my hometown and I love introducing new people to this great city. I’m also a qualified football coach, so talk to me about your favourite team!”

Ariane Stoll
EFL Teacher and IELTS Specialist

“I have been teaching English for nearly 20 years. I have specialised in teaching IELTS over the last few years. I like LLA because the small classes make it easy to focus on individual students.”

Tom Weale
EFL Teacher

“I have been teaching for around 5 years, mostly in the UK. I came to Leeds in 2016, and decided to stay. I love my job because I enjoy watching students being able to show their personalities through language. It’s a great pleasure to see them grow in confidence.

Matt Labunda
EFL Teacher and IELTS Specialist

“I have taught IELTS for the last few years, mostly in Malaysia. I enjoy teaching IELTS because it helps students to do the things they want: go to university, get a job or improve their lives. At LLA, we work individually with students to help them progress. I am from Yorkshire, and I hope you love this part of England as much as I do."

Tim Keeley

"I have been teaching English for 10 years, mostly in Indonesia. I enjoy working at Leeds Language Academy because the small classes and personalised teaching are great for students, and you really get to know people."

Sam Allen

"I have taught English all over the world, and enjoy this job because you can see students feel more confident with their skills. The friendly atmosphere at Leeds Language Academy makes the lessons feel relaxed, but still focused."